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Pro-Fit at Tool Fair

The world's smartest holesaw system brought to Tool Fair by Expert Trades

Expert Trades hit the Tool Fair at Coventry's Ricoh Arena, to showcase Pro-Fit, the world's smartest holesaw system!

We offer a large range of holesaws meaning no matter the hole, there is a holesaw designed to make your life easier. When we decided to build holesaw kits for the U.K market it became clear that the current solutions were not tailored for the work of a modern Plumber, Heating Engineer, Carpenter or Electrician.

Expert Trades are a community of over 16,000 trades professionals who live and breath this industry! We reached out to Expert Trades to work out exactly what a holesaw kit should consist of for trades professionals in the U.K. Over 12 months of product testing and 2,732 survey responses, we had created holesaw kits created with very specific requirements in mind.

The Expert Trades Trip Report From Tool Fair 2017

We wanted to show the trades professionals at Tool Fair just how Pro-Fit really is the world's smartest holesaw; and what better way to do that than working alongside our members!

We wanted to work with trades who have trialled, tested and love Pro-Fit . We shouted out to a few of our product testing teams and we had great response to support us. This is exactly why we love the Expert Trades Community as it is a platform for trades to talk tools and share what are the best products on the market.

We know that Pro-Fit is the best holesaw on the market and we wanted to give the trades of Tool Fair a try before you buy demonstration so they could have a real hands on experience of using Pro-Fit. Armed with two members of Expert Trades, many Pro-Fit holesaw's and a load of MDF to saw holes in, we hit Tool Fair and did exactly that! The Expert Trades members showcasing Pro-Fit was Jamie from Hydro Heat Plumbing and Nigel from Noggywood. Jamie has become a brand advocate for Pro-Fit and you can find him on the Pro-Fit adverts and demonstration videos. Pro-Fit is an essential part of Jamie's tool box and he stated

"Time is money. No simpler way of explaining it really. These Holesaws deliver a very fast, clean cut. I save time on each hole and that might not sound much, but 10 seconds here and 15 seconds there adds up when you are running 20-30 holes on a job."

Nigel has been in the industry for over 25 years and he has never come across a holesaw so simple and easy to use as Pro-Fit.

"The profit carpenters kit is the best hole saw kit there is, I have used many hole saws over the years and everyone except the profit I've had problems with.I have drilled over 600 holes with one cutter before it needed sharpening you just can't get better than that. Well done profit! Any tradesman buying these will NOT be unhappy with this product!"

As the doors of Tool Fair opened and the trades professionals came flooding in, it was time to get down to demonstrating Pro-Fit! Hole after hole is was evident that people were loving it! The quick release button on the Pro-Fit holesaw is the ultimate time saver when removing the plug and it was a game changer for the trades at Tool Fair. As trades began to see the benefits of Pro-Fit the surrounding crowd got bigger and bigger. The stall was buzzing with the interest for Pro-Fit. Hands on, the trades tested it out to get a real feel for how simple and effective the Pro-Fit holesaw is to use.

Pro-Fit was available to buy on the day and our main aim was to showcase the product. However, sales boomed as the trades could see how it easy it was to use and how much time it would save them on the job. We absolutely loved meeting the trade professionals at Tool Fair and having two days of sharing Pro-Fit with them!

" After 12 months, working with our community, I could not have been happier at the response we received at Tool Fair. Our members told us early on this is a product that the market needs. To have one of the busiest and most engaged stands at Tool Fair was a clear demonstration that the Pro-Fit holesaw system will soon become the number one choice of holesaw for professional trades." - Adam Callow, Founder CEO, Expert Trades

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