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Holesaw Kit Explained: The Pro-Fit Holesaw System

The Holesaw Set For Professionals

At Pro-Fit we believe in making your life as a trades professional easier and we do that by creating tools that not only get the result you want, but make it enjoyable getting your work done.

The video below was produced in partnership with one of our customers who is wanted to help explain the benefits of the Pro-Fit system.

If you would prefer to read what Jamie says in the above video we have also provided a transcript below.

Pro-Fit Holesaw System Explained - Transcript

"Hi my name is Jamie. I'm the owner of a heating company based in Coventry and if you're job's anything like mine where you've got to drill through cabinets and work tops, then this video is for you.

Introducing Pro-Fit Holesaw System

So here we have the Pro-Fit system, and the Pro-Fit system has different types of holesaws which are specifically designed for different types of materials.

Here we have a bimetal holesaw which is specifically designed for cutting through metal. I know most of us use this to cut through all kinds of materials. Today, I'm going to be showing you Pro-Fit's TCT holesaw, which is specifically designed for cutting through wood and I'm going to show you exactly how to use it.

Holesaws for cutting holes in MDF

Now before I show you the TCT I just want to remind you guys what it's like to drill through a 25mm MDF board with a hol saw which is designed for metal.

So as you can see that was painfully slow. It didn't exactly cut it's way through, it more or less burned its way through which has produced loads of smoke. It wasn't very nice, and now I've got the task of getting this plug out. So as you can see that was an absolute nightmare.

Here we have Pro-Fit's TCT hole saw, so as you can see the Pro-Fit's TCT system is tungsten tipped as opposed to being made up of lots of small teeth. The tungsten tip is the same as that on a circular saw blade, so it literally just cuts its way through the wood as opposed to burning its way through the wood. So let's show you what that looks like.

TCT Holesaws: Best holesaws for cutting wood

So as you can see, loads quicker, no smoke and the best part about it is the removal of the plug. So let me show you how that works. I've drilled a second hole just to show you guys how simple it was to remove that plug. With the Pro Fit system they all have a little button on the side here. All you need to do is just press that in, pull it back which reveals the plug. It's just a simple case of pulling off the shaft. That's really what's been saving me the most time on our jobs.

So there's a few more advantages to the Pro-Fit system which we'll go into in just a second, but before we move on let's just have a look at these plugs. Now it doesn't really take a rocket scientist to see which one has been cut through and which one has been burned through. So let's just say that this hole needs to be enlarged. Traditionally with a hole saw it can be an absolute nightmare. I've drilled a 25mm hole into this MDF and need to enlarge it to a 44mm, but the problem that I've got is obviously I want it to be dead centred still. I'm sure you've all got your own techniques, I've got my own, so I'm going to give it my best shot but let's see how it turns out.

Enlarging a hole using a holesaw

So as you can see, I tried my best to keep it central, but I'm absolutely miles out. If I needed to be precise with this it would have been game over on the job. With the Pro Fit system it's really, really straightforward. So as to enlarge a hole with the Pro-Fit system it's really straightforward. Just a simple case of pulling the small holesaw off, put the larger one and push it all the way to the back. We're going to put this smaller hole saw back on because it's going to act as a guide to find our centre which will guarantee that your larger hole is going to be bang on.

Okay, so now we've got the hole saw central. We need to score the MDF ever so slightly which is then going to act as our pilot. So now that we've got the MDF scored, we can remove the smaller pilot and with our bigger hole saw we just pull it back into position. There we have it. So now that we know how to enlarge a hole, we know how to easily remove the plug, we know how to quick change, there's just one more thing that I really want to show you and that's cutting a hole at an angle.

Cutting holes at an angle with a holesaw

So let me show you how. All we need to do is find the angle that we want, continue to drill through but actually you're going to hit the end of the shaft. Just need to pull the whole saw forward and continue straight through. Let me show you. So I'm sure you can see by now why I love this Pro Fit system so much. The most important thing to me is time and I'm saving so much time on every single job. If you have any more questions, use the information that's on screen at the moment and that will put you through to the Pro-Fit team who I know will be more than happy to help. Thank you very much for watching.